Mahasarakham Beverage Project

Project owner:    Khon Khen Brewery Company Ltd.
Operator:             TEAM Construction Management Company Ltd.
Scope of work:     -     Manage and organize bidding process and tender document.
                            -     Project administration and Construction Inspector.

          Khon Khen Brewery Company Ltd. intended to increase soda production and drinking water by constructing a factory equipped with machine and materials to produce soda water. A new factory included the building for producing and packing process, productions storage, a food hall for workers and staff, a steaming and gas containing building, garbage disposal, polluted water management area and external infrastructure. Total area to this new factory around 200,000 sqm.  For this project, TEAM-CM undertakes assignment at pre-construction phase, to prepare tender document and organize bidding process for contractors. And construction phase on project administration and construction inspector. All assignment was effectively implemented as plan.