Pra Phu Prab Marn Building – Phase 1

Project owner:    Maharatana Ubasiga Chan Khonnokyoong Foundation
Operator:            TEAM Construction Management Company Ltd.
Scope of work:     -    Manage and organize bidding process and tender document.
                            -    Project administration and Construction Inspector.

            Maharatana Ubasiga Chan Khonnokyoong Foundation would like to build a residential building for monks named “ Pra Phu Prab Marn” . Project in Phase 1 aim for a 12 Floors building for monks and a 2 Floors building for administration work to construct on 65,000 sqm at Wat Dhamaguy , Klong Sam sub-district, in Prathumthani. TEAM-CM had completed all assignment with efficiency and employer’s satisfaction.