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Lumpini Ville – Ramkhumheng 60/2

Project owner: Lumpini Project Management Services Company Ltd.

Operator: TEAM Construction Management Company Ltd.

Scope of work: Construction Inspector and deliver room to individual customer


Lumpini Project Management Services Company Ltd., a branch company of LPN Development Public Company Ltd., has employed TEAM – CM as an Inspector to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of contractor’s work accordance to construction plan. Lumpini Ville at Ramkhumheng 60/2 project are 3 High rise Condominiums included: a 25 Floors of Building A, a 15 Floors of Building B and a 15 Floors of Building C and 1 Building of 8 Floor for Parking garage on 8 Rais at Ramkhumheng 60/2. The manner of execution started from foundation pillar and ground work to completion building that ready to be delivered to individual customers.